Introducing the Best Streaming Media Player

best-media-playerAre you tired of paying massive monthly bills for your cable service? If you could watch your favorite shows, movies, and sporting events without your cable or satellite TV service, would you cut the cord? At Stream Dream we’re offering you the ultimate solution— the Dream Stream Media Center, a high-quality streaming media player that lets you live stream 100,000 movies and TV shows directly to your home’s TV.

Our multimedia streaming device can turn any TV into a smart TV to provide you with over 1,000 channels, including premium channel content on all major networks. The Dream Stream Media Center is portable and works anywhere there is a high-speed internet connection.

There are no monthly costs— just a one-time purchase fee. The setup is easy, and no wiring is required.More great features of the Dream Stream Media Center include:

  • Over 500 live global radio stations
  • Live worldwide sporting events
  • The latest movies
  • All seasons and episodes of TV shows
  • No commercials
  • Music jukebox
  • And More!

The Dream Stream Media Center is the best streaming media player out there. Users can enjoy more capabilities than any other TV streaming device, as it works with all devices. While devices like the Apple TV and Amazon Fire Stick have limited streaming capabilities, our media center has no limitations.

Cut the cord with your cable provider, and get your Dream Stream Media Center today!